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  • Adana Car Hire with Driver

    Adana Car Hire with Driver

    Meetings of your guests, comfortable and reliable way in a day or evening appointments on time..

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  • Cars for 7 people

    Cars for 7 people

    In the fleet of Uzman Rent A Car automatic, manual vehicles for 5 and 7 people with diesel and petrol options are waiting for their owners.

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  • Transfer Services

    Transfer Services

    Customers who wish to get exceptional service that we provide a professional transportation to the desired spot to take the point of ...

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  • Luxury Rental

    Luxury Rental

    Sulpiride is that luxury car rental service in Adana car hire, luxury vehicles exhibit below. Dilbaz sports car rental, luxury car rental ..

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Uzman Rent A Car Qualty Service


Uzman Rent a car was established with the idea of ​​offering the best cars at the cheapest price and Adana has become a strong rent a car company with more than 150 cars and over 20 car brands.

With innovative steps taken in all fields, Adana Şakirpaşa has grown rapidly to become the leader of the sector, with its 24/7 delivery to the airport, equipped vehicles, zero vehicles and unbeatable prices.

You can make your rent a car needs in Adana with the quality standards of Uzman, car rental with driver, transfer services with luxurious vehicles with comfortable driving techniques with advanced driving techniques, dominating foreign languages, and dicle smooth staff.

From Uzman Rent A Car to Renting a car in Adana, feel yourself safe.

As a car rental company in Adana, periodic maintenance is carried out for your esteemed customers to be rented again after cleaning the interior and exterior details and separately at 23 points.

Uzman car rental, which is always open to technological innovations in order to provide better quality service for all needs, has designed a website which is fast reliable, transparent and very simple to use for you.

Adana Rent A Car

As Adana Rent A Car we offer car rental service. Our company rents the most comfortable and reliable vehicles for you. With a quick booking service you can get a car at reasonable prices.

In our company there are luxury vehicles as well as economic vehicles. It is possible to rent our vehicles on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Those who want to hire a car can talk to our company to remove any worries about the car and remove all prejudices.

 Maintenance of our vehicles is routinely done in a timely manner and any problems are avoided. Our company offers car rental service within the framework of superior service understanding and provides a comfortable travel opportunity to the people.
People who travel frequently and absolutely need rental car can benefit from our company's quality rent a car service.

How is Adana Rent A Car Service Offered?

Rent a car service in the framework of the expectations and needs of our customers in accordance with the needs of the rental car service that everyone can find a suitable rental car.

Thanks to our experienced car hire staff you will be able to see the rental car alternatives and rent the car you like right away. Those who want to host their guests at important events such as conferences and meetings will have the possibility to rent luxury vehicles through our company.

People who want to rent a car can call our company rent a car and ask to be delivered to the address of their rental car.

Types of Rent A Car Service

As a car rental company in Adana, our car rental service is provided on a daily or long-term basis.

Those who want to rent a car daily can use the vehicles for touristic sightseeing or airport transfers. Daily car rental service provides great comfort both in terms of cost and comfort.
Long-term car rental service is preferred by corporate companies. Companies rent a long-term car to purchase a reliable transportation service in order to reduce the cost of buying a car.

Car Rental Prices

Adana car hire prices are available and vary according to model, age and usage. You will have the opportunity to learn the details of your rental car when you contact with our company which provides the rental service of the newest and well-maintained vehicles.